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Every child is unique. Everybody has the potentiality to be a writer or a poet. This e-magazine will give exposure to the hidden talents of our children.

I wish its every success.

Mr. ArjunSahu






This magazine of ours is a small step to nurture the budding talents who have lots of possibilities to create.

I wish all of them a bright future.

Mrs. M.P.Nayak.

T.G.T. English.


Fast Food

Oh!  Fast  food Oh! Fast  food ,

My  favourite  delicious  fast  food,

Why  its name is it ,

Because  it  comes fast.

It takes a short time, is cooked fast ,

It looks wonderful and is served fast,

Its taste is yummy so you eat it fast ,

At every road side you will see it first.

But my dear friends do you know?

What I want to share with you?

That   homemade food is healthy and good

But very unhealthy is that fast food.

Then it is wise to avoid fast food,

Which makes you lazy and crazy?

So come fast, very fast,

To stop eating fast food,

And say this is the last.






Spring is the rebirth of joy.

It’s the rebirth of buds as flowers.

It’s the rebirth of caterpillars as butterflies.

It’s the rebirth of seeds as sprouts.

Tulips, daffodils, lilies fawn,

Take out their heads in the morn;

Galoshes, narcissus, polliwog,

Forget everything about the fog.

The atmosphere is windy

Not being stingy.

The breeze is blowing;

The blossoms are blooming;

The robins are singing;

And the cuckoo cooing and cooing.

By-Monalisa Nayak




Look at the nature

It is the world’s real picture

Green plants, blue clouds in the blue sky

And the shinning sun seen high

The birds are singing

The air is blowing

And the leaves are falling

The colourful insects are slowly buzzing

The beauty of nature is all around us.

You can enjoy if you search

With sensitive eyes, ears and mind.









The days before the exam

I jump, I play and I watch TV

I live like bindass

Life is full of happiness

My parents always force me

To read and write, I say, “Don’t

Take tension, the exam is mine.”

My friends revise their lessons

And I watch them carefully at that time

Something strikes in my mind ,

“Hurry up; there are only seven days.”

The next day there is no game for me,

But that time I am in tension for which

I cannot understand a lesson.

After giving the exam I come out like

a free bird from cage,

I feel worried what will be the result.

Till now I don’t realize,

What happens to me before the exam

I promise I will not repeat this

But when exam comes nearer

I do the same.



Viduusha Chandrvani