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CMP Initiatives ( Class –I to V ) of the Vidyalaya updated as on 28.02. 2011 the last working day of the month

Sl. No. Initiative (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative) Class & Sub. Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation
01 If I were an apple Theme-Fruits Our Tree Theme-Plants of Trees Murali’s Mango tree Listening ,Speaking ,Reading ,Writing. I Eng. Able to listen ,comprehend and then recite the poem. Learn the names of common fruits. Able to discuss about the tree in which it is grown, colour and shape of the fruit .To converse about different plants/trees. Learn the different parts of the plant. Learn the spelling of the common fruits. Answer questions beginning with “Can” Deforestation or cutting of trees is not good. Yes Mrs P N Panda .
02 Time Measurement Understanding basic concept. I-Math To know about the importance of Time To narrate about the daily routine with respect to time. To get acquainted with time based activities. Distinguish between long ,tall, short ,thick –thin ,high –low, near- far, Longer-taller ,higher –lower etc. Ordering objects according to length. Measure certain distance using non-uniform units (hand ,span ,feet) Distinguish between heavy –light ,heavier, lighter. Yes Mrs.S.Panigrahi
03 Bandar Gaya Khet Mai Bhag Ek Bhudia Mai Bhi Speaking, Listening, Writing ICHindi Development of artistic character. Know about vegetarian and non –vegetarian animals To paste the picture of monkey. To act like monkey Know about old people. Know about the young ones of animals Know about the things that float and sink. Yes Mrs P N Panda
04 Food, Clothes Shelter Observation, Identification I –AHPL To understand the need of food ,neat clothes and clean surroundings. Paste pictures of different food items. Drawing different kinds of houses. Make clay models of vegetables and fruits Yes Mrs P N Pand